STOP MATH Introduces Young Readers to the Wonders of Math and Science

New York Times bestselling illustrator and children’s book author, Jeff Weigel, has announced the release of his new interactive storybook app for iPad, STOP MATH. The app takes advantage of the iPad’s technology to involve kids in an entertaining time-travel adventure while introducing them to the wonders of math and science.

The story, for children ages 8 to 12, follows a boy from the future and his robot dog as they travel back through time and space on a quest to find the “evil” genius who invented math and put an end to math homework forever. As they travel, the two characters cross paths with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, and learn there’s more to math than just homework.
“I wrote STOP MATH because I wanted to find a way to tell kids about the wonderful things that math can do,” says Weigel. “I wanted to introduce them to the idea that math is the key to understanding the universe.”

Weigel’s graphic, realistic illustration style—adapted from his years as a comic book illustrator—and his sense of humor engages young readers and involves them in math, history and science in a way seldom seen in children’s fiction. In addition to the colorful artwork, the app employs interactive animation and diagrams and a young narrator to explain concepts such as Arabic numbers, Roman numerals, relativity theory and gravitational attraction.

“The iPad’s amazing capabilities are a perfect fit for this book,” says Weigel. “It gave me the opportunity to tell kids about the history of math, relativity and gravity in a way that’s entertaining—the animation and interactivity make it fun to read. Kids even enjoy the parts where they have to do some calculations to move the story forward.”

STOP MATH received positive reviews from educators who tested the app during its development phase. Weigel noted that the teachers, “thought it would be useful in the classroom to get their students more interested in math.”

STOP MATH is available for download on the iPad at Apple’s App Store. Developed by Casual Labs, the app is published by Happy Badger Studio in association with Rampant Interactive of St. Louis, Missouri.

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2 Meet a few of history's
greatest minds.

Ever wonder what math is good for? Here’s your chance to find out from some guys who really know: Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are only two of the mathematical masterminds Sparks and Widget cross paths with in this time traveling adventure. STOP MATH also introduces kids to some of the basic concepts of relativity theory, the laws of gravity, and roman numerals—all explained in interactive diagrams that are fun and easy to understand.

1Kids can help Sparks and Widget calculate their way through time.

Just how far through time do you have to go to find the masterminds behind math? The only way to figure it out is to use Sparks’ amazing Chronoport Calculator to see where he—and you—will end up!

5STOP MATH in the classroom:
Education discounts for schools

If you’re an educator looking for a fun way to get kids excited about the wonders of math, this is the app for you! Contact the App Store to become an Apple-approved educational institution and receive an educator’s discount of 50% on 20 or more copies of STOP MATH! Click here to learn more.

Contact Jeff Weigel to arrange an author/illustrator visit for your school or library. He’d love to demonstrate STOP MATH for your kids!